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Day Activities

Bukit Lawang has so many amazing things to do and see that will bring you closer to local people, village life and culture.

By joining one of these day activities or tours, visitors get a authentic enjoyable experience and help support local trades and crafts.

Things To Do

Activities Around Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang and surrounding areas have so much more to offer than just seeing the iconic Orangutans and trekking in the jungle.

From nearby interesting geological rock formations and caves to local trades, agriculture and traditions in surrounding villages. Get closer to local people, learn more about their daily lives and understand local culture.


Give something back. Great for families with children or people wanting to do something different. 

There are enough wonderful places to explore and people to meet, you could easily stay for 1 month

Here are some of our favorite activities in Bukit Lawang and surrounding areas.





Yoga & Meditation


Practice yoga or meditation in nature


Learn how to cook traditional Indonesian dishes

Cooking Classes
Wood Carvings

Learn how to carve or make things out of bamboo or coconut shells

Carving Workshops
tempe perumaham.jpg

Delve into village life and learn about local traditions

Village Tours
Erna and volunteers at ecofarm

Discover the eco-farms here and the vegetables they grow

Eco-Farms Tours

Make soaps from natural resources using flowers and scents

Natural Soap Making

Print your own pattern on a scarf or material with the power of flowers

Botanical Printing

Be captivated by the geological formations and wild Orangutans in the area.

Bat Caves & Landak Tours
We actively promote and encourage our guests to join these activities.
The fee for these activities and tours goes directly to the local people. It helps to support them and keep local traditions alive.

With all the amazing activities you can do, places to see and friendly local people, lets book a trip you won't forget!

To book a trip or activity, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We'll help you plan a trip and guide you from your flight to your adventure!

Why Travel with Us?

Responsible Travel

Don't just come, travel and see, help make positive changes

help bahorok school.jpg

How we Help

By working with the local community we can make small changes

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