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Day Activities

Bukit Lawang has so many amazing things to do and see that will bring you closer to local people, village life and culture.

By joining one of these day activities or tours, visitors get a authentic enjoyable experience and help support local trades and crafts.

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Bukit Lawang has so much more to offer than just seeing orangutans and trekking in the jungle.


There are many thing do, see and adventures to be had in and around Bukit Lawang. From nearby interesting geological rock formations and caves to local trades, agriculture and traditions in surrounding villages, which we think visitors should see whilst here. 


By offering activities and local tours, visitors can get closer to local peolpe, learn more about their daily lives and understand local culture. Visitors will get to see how Indonesian people have had to become creative and innovative to earn an income. 

Join one of the workshops to learn about the local handi-craft and trades and try your hand at it. Or is food your more your thing? .... ever wanted to learn how to cook Asian food?... then join a cooking class in a local homestay or for a real authentic experience in a local home. Find out more about local life and agriculture by joining one of the Village Tours or if you're more interested in nature and up for adventure then take a tour to the bat cave and ship rock. 

Take a look at the different options below. Some of these activities can be combined in one day or with a trek so you can make the most of your visit. We are also happy to arrange a tour to combine activites, tailor-made to your capabilties and time. These can also be added to any of our longer tours of North Sumtra.


We actively promote and encourage our guests to take part in these, as the fee for these activities and tours goes directly to the local people. It also helps to support them and keep local traditions going.

Please contact us here or message us using the Chat box below for more information.


Yoga & Meditation

Want to relax after trekking with some yoga or meditation? Or ever wanted to try Yoga?... Bukit Lawang is the perfect place, with the sound of the rushing river or the sounds of the jungle to help you relax. Currently there are no classes but Louise offers 1-1 sessions or group sessions.

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bambang carving.jpg
Handi-craft Workshops

Try having a go at one of the local handi-crafts, where the locals all use naturals materials. Try your hand at Wood Carving, Coconut carving to make necklaces or earrings or Bamboo Weaving.  These workshops are suitable for children and adults and it is a great way to talk and get to know some of the locals

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family cooking class ernas.jpg
Cooking Classes

Always wanted to learn how to cook Asian Food and know the secrets? ..... Well now you can! Join one of the cooking classes and be taught by a local. Enjoy a trip to an eco-farm to pick your vegetables or visit the small morning local market to buy the ingredients. These cooking classes are suitable for individuals, couples or families

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village tour.jpg
Village Tours & Trips

Want to explore more into local culture and life? Then join one of our village tours which will take you out of the touristic part of Bukit Lawang and into the surrounding villages. Travel the local way in a becak, pass rice paddies and through oil palm plantations. Learn how tempe and tofu is made.....maybe even have a go! Prefer to stay local and walk... then join our Eco-Walking Tour or Eco-Walking Handi-craft tour. Interested in local agriculture, take the Eco-farm tour visiting two local organic farms. There's a tour to suit everyone!

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Erna Farm visit.jpg
Eco - Farm Visit & Tour

Not far from touristy Bukit Lawang, there are two Eco-Farms. One is owned by an amazing lady called Erna and a slightly larger one owned by an organisation called PPLH which is enaged in ednvironmental education and nature conservation. By farms are organic and open for visitors. Join this tour to visit these farms, drink fresh coconut and learn about local farming practices. Fancy getting stuck in?.... how about volunteering at ErnasEco-Farm

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Bat Cave & Ship Rock

The bat cave and Ship Rock are just a short distance from Bukit Lawang. They can be reached by walking or motorbike. The bat cave is deifinitely worth a visit with stalamites and stalatites, interesting rock formations and caverns. Complete darkeness awaits with hanging bats. If thats not your thing, then join a tour to ship rock with towering rocks covered with forest and intersting rock formations.

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Why Travel with Us?

Responsible Travel

Don't just come, travel and see, help make positive changes

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How we Help

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