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Louise Moore

BSc Animal Behaviour & Environmental Biology

MSc Conservtion Ecology

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  • BSc Animal Behaviour & Environmental Biology, 2001

  • Volunteer Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project for 2 months, 2007

  • MSc Conservation Biology, 2011

  • Project Coordinator at Orangutan Health Project for 1.5 years, 2014-2015


  • Founded of Sumatra EcoVentures, 2018

Louise - Founder / Manager

Louise has many years experience as a traveller, she knows exactly what its like to travel solo, as a couple and as a group. On top of that, she has spent time living in the rainforest, following and studying Orangutans in Kalimantan and regularly trekked for 6 days in the Gunung Leuser National Park during her time at Orangutan Health Project. She has good knowledge of medicinal plants.


Her academic studies lead Louise to concentrate on tropical ecology, particularly the impacts of oil palm on the environment and Orangutans.


Louise's goal is to expand her team of certified guides, educate them and improve their guiding practices in the jungle. And her mission is promote and expand sustainable ecotourism in North Sumatra that helps support local communities, gives a fair salary and is affordable for visitors.  

Louise will be your main contact via email and will provide you with all the information you need and will happily organise a trek/tour to suit your capabilities.

  • Born in Medan but moved to Gotong Royong (a village near Bukit Lawang) with his family when he was a child.


  • working in a Sibayak guesthouse restaurant,  Bukit Lawang in 2009 to learn and practice English.


  • Started trekking as an assistant guide in 2011 with a reputable guesthouse.


  • Certified guide in 2014,working as a freelance trekking guide.


  • 2018, trekking manager and certified guide in Bukit Lawang 

Heri Prayitno

Certified Guide and  Member of the Indonesian Tourist Guide Assosiation (ITGA - HPI

Heri - Trekking Manager / Certified Guide

Heri has 9 years guiding experience, taking visitors from all over the world into the Gunung Lesuer National Park. He became a registered and certified guide in 2014 with HPI Indonesian Tourist Guide Association.

He has worked with many reputable guesthouses in Bukit Lawang, working alongside many senior guides. He became a freelance trekking guide, until 2018, when Louise and Heri officially started Sumatra EcoVentures.

Heri is our lead trekking and tour guide in Bukit Lawang and has taken on the responsibility of managing the team.

Meet The Team
We believe that its the enthusiasm, energy and expertise of our guides that really sets Sumatra EcoVentures apart. They really enjoy exploring 'their jungle' with you and proud to show you where they live. They are the best people to show you around.
Our local guides are truely amazing, they get a huge buzz out of showing you their 'off the beaten' destinations, helping you to discover hidden gems and giving you an real authentic Sumatra experience.



Arif has been a certified guide for 10 years, working as a freelance Guide. He is compassionate, cares about conserving the jungle and the environment. He is always willing to learn and has interests in birds and plants. 



 A certified Guide since 2011, speaking good English. He has worked with many reputable guesthouses and tour agencies. He knows different hikes in the jungle and has good knowledge of tropical plants



Is Heri's uncle. For many years he worked taking the rubber from rubber plantation near Landak River . He has good knowledge of the area and the animals. He can only speak a few words of English, but understamds more 

Putra-guide (2).jpg


Certified guide for several years and has a lot of experience going on longer treks and knowing 'off the beaten trails'. He runs cough surfing at his home.



Rudy is an experienced guide working in Batu Katak. He speaks good Eglish. Rudy is involved with a couple of  International organisations, one focusing on rescusing dogs and caring for them.



Robert is our local guide in Pelaruga. He speaks a little English, but he knows the rivers and waterfalls very well. Robert is very attentative and takes great care of you. 



Lukmal is a neighbour and friends who owns a car and provides transport for us. He speaks little English but he's a lovely, happy guy



Aini has her own homestay with an organic garden. She produces natural soaps which we buy and give samples to our guests. She has offer natural soap and botanical printing workshops.

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