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Our Projects

We are commited to developing environmental and conservation projects to help local people and the environment

Travel updates on Coronovirus (COVID-19) here

Our Projects

Making an Impact


The focus of Sumatra EcoVentures is a vision that puts our guests, the environment, wildife and the local people at the core of our business.

We aim do this through initiating and developing projects which helps and educates all involved. By travelling with us, taking an eco trek or joining a cultural activity, you are helping us to reach our dream of making this a better place.

Eco-friendly build & land restoration

Eco-Friendly Build & Land Restoration


Sumatra EcoVentures has bought 2400m2 of rubber plantation in the beautiful area of Landak River. The dream of a building an eco homestay and yoga retreat. With the plan of returning the land back to a diverse environment, by planting trees, growing medicinal plants and fruit trees. We plan to raise money to buy the rest of the land of 4ha, to save and protect it. It has secondary forest and regularly has Orangutans feeding in the trees.

We have just finished building the main ecolodge, using local builders and local natural resources.  The aim to build in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. Here are some of the ways that we try to keep it sustainable

  • Barrel septic tank system with reed bed - Louise has designed a simple barrel septic tank system which will receive the black water. This will flow into a vetiver reed bed with the grey water

  • Compost Toilets - A simple compost toilet system for each bungalow

  • Rain water collection - Rain will be collected from the roof and used to flush the toilets. It will be stored for use in the dry season

  • Solar panels - hoping to used solar panel as we do not have electric

Support community during COVID-19
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Community Support during COVID-19

With the spread of the Coronavirus, countries went into lockdown and travel stopped. First, the Gunung Leuser National Park closed then Bukit Lawang and surrounding villages went into lockdown. No tourism, no income for guides, porters, restuarants workers, cleaners and many others which rely on tourism for income. With the help of a guest who raised money we were able to buy food packages for the people we work closely with, our guides and porters.

We set up our own fundraiser which raised £1120 and we will be able to help around 50 - 100 people in need. You can follow our updates our Crowdfunder Help Bukit Lawang Community - COVID-19 relief fund.

Eco-brick Project

Eco-Brick Project


Sumatra EcoVentures is commited to give 10% of our profits from jungle trekking & 20% from tours towards community based projects. One initiative we would like to start is to form a group of local people (women, teenagers, children) at Landak River, which will collect rubbish, make eco-bricks and to earn a small income. This will hopefully keep the beautiful area of Landak River clean. We will then pay for these and use them as part of an Eco-friendlt guesthouse.


Rubbish and plastic is a growing issue along Landak River, with no bins, recycling system or rubbish collection. With many local tourists visiting the area at the weekends, all bringing picnics - food in plastic, plastic bottle or some will buy the convenient Potmie (instant noodles). These items are either burnt, left  at the side of the river or even thrown inthe river!

rubbish dump perumahan-bukit-lawang.jpg
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